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debt talk, dead lock. a rare sunday meeting between president obama and congressional lawmakers ends with no deal on raising the nation's debt ceiling. collision course. nasa tracks a piece of space junk that could be headed for the international space station. and crash carnage. a media car takes out two cyclists in famous tour de france. it hurt just looking at that. good morning, i'm lynn berry. those stories straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. we begin this morning with
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the debt ceiling dead look. as the clock ticks down on the nation's credit limit, president obama and the congressional leaders will head back to the bargaining table after a special sunday night meeting at the white house failed to bridge the gap over how to fix the nation's broken budget. kristin dahlgren joins us from washington with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the meeting was short and described by at least one person as a bit tense. racing the clock to find a deal to avoid debt default, they met for less than an hour and a half. the attire was casual but talks were called testy. the two sides still far apart on taxes and spending cuts. the president is pushing for $4 trillion in deficit reductions over the next decade. open to cuts and social security and medicare in exchange for closing tax loopholes. but republicans favor a smaller plan, in the range of $2.5
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trillion, keeping tax hikes off the table. >> to get a big package would require a big tax increase in the middle of the economic situation that's extraordinarily difficult with 9.2% unemployment. it's a terrible idea. it's a job-killer. >> reporter: on sin's "meet the press," treasury secretary tim geithner said failing to reach a deal would be catastrophic. >> we need to do something substantial to bring our long term deficit down over time. >> reporter: the stakes high as the two sides try again today. so, the president will be answering questions at a press conference scheduled for 11 a.m. eastern time this morning. he'll then meet with congressional leaders this afternoon. he's asked republicans to bring specifics for their plan. >> thanks so much. a reminder for you, we'll have live coverage of the president's news conference beginning at 11 a.m. eastern time right here on msnbc. the place for politics. officials at nasa are closely monitoring a piece of so-called space junk, which is
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on a potential collision course with the space shuttle "atlantis" and the international space station. nasa estimates that the object will come dangerously close to the now joined shuttle station tomorrow. at the worst possible time, right in the middle of a planned space walk. right now there are a total of ten astronauts on board the station, including the "atlantis" crew of four americans. news of the approaching piece of space junk came soon after "atlantis" successfully docked with the international space station on sunday for the very last time. news corp.'s rupert murdoch flew to london to personally deal with the phone-hacking scandal that threatens to hobble his entire media empire as new allegations have surfaced that journalists from murdoch's now infamous "news of the world" newspaper may have tried to hack the phones of 9/11 victims. england's "daily mail" reports a former new york city cop now
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working as a private investigator claims "news of the world" reporters offered to pay him for victims' phone numbers and details of the calls they made and received in the days leading up to the 9/11 attacks. despite murdoch shting down the 168-year-old paper innen effort to extinguish the scandal, it is now seen as threatening a multibillion dollar pay tv deal. in russia, nine people are dead and nearly 100 more are missing after an overloaded ferry sank on the volga river on sunday. russian authorities said 185 people were crowded on board an aging double-decker tour boat that had a maximum capacity of 120. one survivor told russian tv that the crew was only able to deploy one life boat before the cruiser went down. dozens of children are believed to be among those missing. and now here's your first look at some other news going on around america today. in california the call of duty
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led to a horrific crash. two police officers responding to an early morning robbery in progress collided with each other. the head-on collision killed one of the officers and hospitalized the other with serious injuries. the surviving officer is listed in stable condition. in michigan, the driver of a semitruck died after barelying into a supermarket. the truck veered off the road before launching up an embankment, into a wall located at the rear of the store. one man inside the store was injured and police are investigating the cause of the accident. navigating the waters off the florida keys are a lot safer than the roadways. hundreds of divers and snorkelers took part in an underwater festival. the jam session featured popular rock songs as well as divers dressed as bob marley and elvis presley. a mom and dad learned there is nothing little about their
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new budgeted of joy coming in with a full head of hair, weighing 16 pounds, 1 ounce. oy! his parents will be on the "today" show this morning to talk about their super sized surprise they received when their new son arrived. yeah. now for a look at your national weather we turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning to you, bill. i know you have another one on the way. your wife is probably looking at that saying, thank goodness. >> i have two months left. it's not going to be that big. >> not overcooked. >> no. that mom must have been feeling pretty large -- >> relieved. >> yes, very relieved. her back, imagine that. . good morning, the heat, it's unrelenting. that's like desert heat in wichita. we were 110 over the weekend in oklahoma city. i mean, we're starting to get to territory -- starting to compare this summer to two hottest summers ever.
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1936 to the middle of the dust bowl was considered the worst summer ever. 1980 is right behind it in second. we may get close to some records. i mean, in oklahoma city we've now had 11 days in a row of 100-degree heat and it's going to be 100s all week. we may get into the 20s, ridiculous. the heat is starting to spread. it was a hot weekend but if wasn't that humid. now the heat and humidity starting to spread to the eastern seaboard. it's going to be short lived. probably only around for two days. you'll feel the jump around d.c., philly, new york, southern england, the next two days the humidity level will get uncomfortab uncomfortable. the oppressive heat stuck under the area of high pressure and that will include all of the tennessee valley and up into areas of the ohio valley. areas in orange are under heat warnings. from st. louis through southern illinois, paducah, memphis, down into areas of northern mississippi, also from tulsa to wichita to kansas city. we're talking temperature around 100. heat index with the humidity around 110. this is the type of weather you're going to check on the
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elderly here. once again today in the 100s easily in oklahoma, even into tuesday, lynn. i mean, this is a broken record forecast, lynn. i mean, ridiculous stuff. >> unfortunately for folks there. bill, thanks so much. earnings results begins italy is europe's new problem. and the new must-have benefit to attract amate. your first look at this morning's business headlines. a thrilling and historic win for u.s. women's soccer and the dukes of hazard get a wild card entry into tour de france.
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welcome back to "first look" and here are some stop stories making news. the u.s. is turning up the heat on yemen's president in the wake of thecountry's five-month uprising. in a face-to-face meeting a senior white house envoy urged him to sign a deal to transfer power to his vice president and
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step down. a weekend of vicious fighting between notorious drug cartels in mexico has left some 40 people dead. in one attack gunmen open fire in a crowded bar killing 21. meanwhile, mexican soldiers freed 20 hostages held for ransom in a makeshift hut. an investigation is now under way into the death of an iraq war veteran who fell to his death from a 208 foot tall roller coaster in new york state. questions are being raised about why the 29-year-old double-leg a amputee was even allow on the coaster. geologist say they've discovered an ancient atlant atlantis-like landscape deep below the north atlantic. they say core samples taken from the rock beneath the ocean floor reveal pollan, coal and tiny fossils, all evidence of
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land-dwelling life. prince william and catherine have wrapped up a three-day trip to los angeles. nbc's jinah kim has details. >> reporter: the duke and duchess of cambridge began their final day in the united states by showing their creative and compassionate sides. they visited inner city arts in downtown los angeles, a nonprofit center teaching art to children who live in and around skid row. >> it is my honor to introduce his royal highness, the duke of cambridge. >> reporter: their next and final stop, a job fair for veterans at sony picture students called hiring our heros. >> they are the front line of a remarkable relationship between the united kingdom, the united states and canada, which has safeguarded our freedoms for a century. >> reporter: in all, the royal newlyweds spent a little less than 48 hours in southern california but managed to pack
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in six major events, including a venture capital summit, a polo match, and a red carpet event with hollywood superstars. gina jim, nbc news, culliver city, california. now here's your first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12657 after losing 62 points on friday. the s&p dipped 9 points. the nasdaq was down 12. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei fell 68 points while in hong kong, the hang seng dropped 379. after friday's stunning and disappointing job numbers, this week wall street will nervously focus on second quarter earnings. aluminum company alocoa starts off the earning season after the bell today. analysts have steadily been lowering estimates as traders already jittery about the economy are even more so about friday's awful june jobs report. earnings by s&p 500 companies are expected to have increased
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on average just over 7% in the second quarter from a year ago. jpmorgan chase will be the first of the big banks to report on thursday. results from top tech player google are also expected thursday. also this week investors will eye fresh economic data starting with may's trade deficit on tuesday. also tuesday, minutes from the federal reserve's june meeting. wednesday, fed chairman ben bernanke delivers his biannual testimony to congress. retail sales and june's producer price index come out thursday. and june's consumer price index is released friday. elsewhere, precision cast parts says it has agreed to buy primus for $900 million in cash. reuters reports there's an emergency meeting in europe this morning over the debt cries there now possibly spreading to italy. the region's third largest economy. friday italian stocks and bonds tumbled in a massive selloff.
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♪ welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. yesterday the united states was about to make its earliest exit from women's world cup and then in a matter of minutes n stunning fashion, they became the favorite to win it all. here's nbc's bill seward. >> the boys of summer have completed the first half of the season but ladies first. we begin with a dramatic win for the u.s. women's soccer team. world cup quarterfinals. taking on powerhouse brazil. this one a match for the ages. pick it up in extra time, tied 1-1, brazil with a cross into the box and marta chips it in. beautiful touch, her second of the game gives brazil the lead. stay that way until the final minutes with backs against the wall, the americans responded. the cross, the header, the goal by abby wombach.
5:20 am
u.s. ties it to force penalty kick and that's when the other star, hope solo comes up big. that was the save they needed. and ally krieger caps off the win with a goal. the americans advance with a remarkable victory now a part of u.s. soccer lore. next up, france on wednesday. baseball, pitchers' dual between james shields and cc sabathia. air mail the pickoff to third, in came robinson canu. that's all they needed. cc sabathia struck out nine for a complete game shutout. yankees beat the rays 1-0. out west dodgers' andre ethier celebrated an all-star selection with a pair of homers against the padres. break up the dodgers. they've won four in i row. oh, wait, they're already broke. finally, incredible sight at tour de france. a french tv car swerves into a couple of riders.
5:21 am
the car was trying to avoid a tree, clips the lead rider. flips off the road and through a barbed wire fence. amazingly, everyone involved stay in the race. if you ain't rubbing, you ain't race willing. that's your first look at sports. i'm bill seward. >> yeah, definitely not what they meant. for another look at the weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. can you believe they continued riding? >> i watched that video like this, one eye open, one eye shut. into a barbed wire fence, nonetheless? oh. good morning, if you're just joining us, we have severe storms, dangerous weather rolling through iowa. even a few tornado warnings just to the east of ames, iowa. these will continue into the quad cities. also in wisconsin, very strong storms from milwaukee to sheboygan. later this line will head through chicago and indianapolis. if you're traveling in those areas, it will be a rough
5:22 am
morning commute. otherwise we're pretty calm out there. not a lot of bad weather in the east. the heat is building along with the humidity. it was hot yesterday but today we'll add humidity to that. it's going to be 91 in hartford, boston, 90. 92 in philly. d.c., 9 3. the humidity is air quality will not be good down there either. everything will change on tuesday. tuesday looks like a very hot day. but thunderstorms late in the day will cool everyone off and some of those storms could be on the strong side. many location around 95 to 100 degrees there in the east. so, you know, the heat's just spreading around the country. at least in the east we get a break with the thunderstorms. >> bill, thanks so much. well, who's having babies in hollywood? plus, in just two weeks the robots rock their way into the record book. your first look at entertainment is straight ahead. going to the bank without going to the bank...
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welcome back to "first look", i'm lynn berry. last friday on the "tonight show" jay leno explained why one restaurant chain found itself in hot water. >> well, folks, it has happened again. this time a mother in colorado says a chile's restaurant served her three children fruit smoothies with alcohol in them. the mother got suspicious the kids might be drunk when she realized they were actually enjoying the food at chili's. this isn't right. of course, did you hear their excuse? i don't think they helped themselves. they said, it's not like the kids are going to be driving. yeah, i think that's the wrong attitude. well, they say f you happen to catch derek jeter's 3,000th career hit it could be worth up
5:27 am
to $400,000. today the owner of the dodgers grabbed his mitt and started going to games. the comedy is so bad, for the space shuttle flight, three of the astronauts had to use today he welcomes howie men dell, golf commentator david fairty and joss stone, "tonight show with jay leno" at 10 klan 35 central time. it's time for your first look at entertainment news. in two weeks the big budget action film "transformers: dark of the moon" skyrocketed to box office history. taking first spot this weekend with $47 million, the blockbuster sequel became 2011's top hit with a total so far of $26 1 million. that's shooting past "the
5:28 am
hangover 2" to first place on the year's domestic chart. debuting in second was r-rated comedy with an all-star cast "horrible bosses" where three friends plot to kill their mean bosses. opening in third with $21 million was the family funny "zookeeper" with ken james as a zoo worker who gets romantic advice from the talking animals he tends to. sounds like a blockbuster. and finally some hollywood baby news to report. victoria beckham gave birth this weekend to her fourth child and first daughter with husband and soccer star david beckham. and kate hudson had their first child together, her second, a baby boy. little girl was named harper, which is such a lovely name. no apple and all this stuff. i think we're breaking the trend. >> it's not so common but -- >> different enough but not crazy.
5:29 am
i'm lynn berry and this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. after another night of failed talks on the budget, president obama vows to hold daily meetings with congressional leaders until a deal can be reached. the question is, if neither side is willing to budge in their positions, where do they go from here? and so much from minnesota nice. tim pawlenty takes a swing at presidential candidate michele bachmann on "meet the press," hoping to get a slice of the pie in iowa. the question is, can pawlenty shake off the stigma he's too dull to be president. finally, get excited for women's world cup soccer. down a player, pull off a stunning victory over big, bad brazil to move on to the semifinals. the question s can this team ride the momentum into the championship. it's "way too early "for this.
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